Under 200 in attendance
Under 5 years in ministry
Don't know where to start


Over 200 in attendance
Renting current facility
Want to save money


Over 500 in attendance
Own current facility/land
Want a turnkey solution

ChurchPlanSource was developed as a free informational resource in 2007 and offered as a tool the church could use when they were considering an expansion project. As church building consultants and expansion experts we often recommend to many of our church clients that they should consider using building plans, or construction plans from other church building projects. It should be, and usually is, more cost effective to modify plans that have already been scrutinized by various building codes and code officials, and have actually been built than to create new plans from scratch. While all of these plans can be customized, and more than likely may require changes due to changing code requirements, there should be cost savings which CDS passes back to the Church.

Every year millions of dollars are wasted on church plans that cannot be built, and we wanted to do what we could to prevent that from happening to your church

In late, 2010, Church Development Services (CDS), a successful church consulting, design and construction firm, purchased ChurchPlanSource.

To learn more about the parent company, Church Development Services, click here

Church Plan Source and all the CDS divisions work very hard to protect the church during critical phases of church expansion and are known to recommend the right solution even if CDS is not the delivery agent.  Using the information on the ChurchPlanSource website, churches, after logging in, can see many examples of floor plans that have actually been built.  Today, CDS is the undisputed leader in church building plans – with a library of over 1,000 church building plans developed over the past 30 years.

In addition, ChurchPlanSource, as shown on the Home Page, will guide you to the correct service or services that are most appropriate for your stage in the development cycle. Being able to view plans is just one part in a complex series of decisions that will determine what you should develop and when.

The home office is ready to take your call and answer questions about our process. There is no cost to access the information, although we require that you log in to view the plans.

With that said please be reminded that all the plans are the intellectual property of Church Development Services and cannot be reproduced without our permission.